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CalPERS Rejects Musk's $56B Tesla Pay Package

CalPERS, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, is making waves. They’ve decided to vote against Elon’s audacious $56 billion pay package. Now, you might be thinking, “TeslaDan, why are you so interested in this?” Well, my astute reader, it’s not every day that an organization slated to make an 11x return on their investment balks at a CEO’s pay. It’s like refusing free guacamole at Chipotle—downright un-Californian, some might say. Excessive Compensation or Well-Deserved Reward? CalPERS, those stewards of pensions, see this pay package as excessive. They argue that it’s not tied to Tesla’s long-term profitability and, frankly, doesn’t incentivize Elon to push harder. I get it. It’s a lot of money, even by Silicon Valley standards. But here’s the thing: Elon’s already a multi-billionaire. Money isn’t his primary motivator. He’s driven by a vision, a desire to transition the world to sustainable energy, and maybe even get us to Mars. CalPERS Takes a Stand Don’t ge

Tesla's Powerwall 3: The Ultimate Solution for Sustainable, Efficient Home Energy Storage

As a proud Tesla owner and investor, I am thrilled to hear that the company is gearing up to launch the Powerwall 3. With each iteration, Tesla's residential energy storage systems have become sleeker, more efficient, and more essential to homeowners looking to reduce their dependence on traditional power grids.

From what I've read, the Powerwall 3 is expected to build upon the success of its predecessors, with a number of exciting new features and improvements. Here are some of the key highlights:

Increased Energy Storage

According to Electrek, the Powerwall 3 is expected to store even more energy than the current model. While the Powerwall 2 currently stores 13.5kWh of energy, the Powerwall 3 could increase that capacity even further, allowing homeowners to power their homes for even longer periods of time.

Improved Efficiency

In addition to increased storage capacity, the Powerwall 3 is also expected to be more efficient than its predecessor. This means that homeowners will be able to store more energy using the same amount of space, making the system even more practical for those with limited space.

Sleeker Design

Tesla has always been known for its sleek, modern designs, and the Powerwall 3 is no exception. According to reports, the new system will be even more aesthetically pleasing than the previous models, with a more streamlined design that will look great in any home.

Enhanced Performance and Durability

Finally, the Powerwall 3 is expected to feature enhanced performance and durability, ensuring that homeowners can rely on the system to power their homes for many years to come. With these improvements, the Powerwall 3 is sure to be an even more attractive option for those looking to reduce their dependence on traditional power grids.

Overall, I am incredibly excited to see what the Powerwall 3 has in store. As a Tesla owner and investor, I have always been impressed with the company's commitment to innovation and sustainability, and I am confident that the new Powerwall will be no exception. Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply save money on your energy bills, the Powerwall 3 is sure to be a game-changer.

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