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# Elon Musk Controversy: A Deep Dive into His Tweet and Response to Advertiser Boycott

Elon Musk Apologizes for Endorsing Anti-Semitic Tweet, but Takes Hardline Stance on Advertiser Boycott By TeslaDan In a surprising turn of events, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has issued a public apology for endorsing an anti-Semitic tweet. Musk, known for his controversial and often unfiltered presence on social media, came under fire last week for retweeting a post that contained offensive and harmful content. While the apology is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, Musk's response to the subsequent advertiser boycott has raised eyebrows and sparked a heated debate. A Controversial Endorsement The tweet in question was originally posted by a user with a history of promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Musk retweeted the post without providing any context or additional comment, which led many to believe that he was endorsing the content. The retweet was quickly met with widespread condemnation, with critics accusing Musk of promoting hate speech and perpetuating harmful st

FSD Beta 11.3.6 Release Notes: Notable Improvements for Tesla Owners in 2023

As a Tesla enthusiast and FSD Beta user, I am pleased to share my thoughts on the latest release notes for FSD Beta 11.3.6. The updates in this version are truly impressive and have made my driving experience even more seamless and enjoyable.

Firstly, I must commend Tesla for their continuous efforts in improving and updating the FSD Beta software. This latest version has a lot of notable features and improvements that make it a must-have for any Tesla owner.

One of the significant new features of FSD Beta v11.3 is the introduction of the 'Light Dark Auto' mode. This mode enables the car's display to automatically switch between light and dark mode based on the ambient lighting conditions. This feature is an excellent addition as it enhances visibility and reduces eye strain while driving at night.

Another impressive improvement in this version is the 'Software Updates' feature. The updated software enables cars to download and install new updates automatically, thus saving time and effort for users. This feature is also quite useful as it allows Tesla to push critical updates to cars quickly.

Moreover, the FSD Beta 11.3.6 release notes state that the software has been improved to handle challenging road conditions better. Specifically, the software is now better at navigating roundabouts, intersections, and tight turns. This improvement significantly enhances the driving experience, especially in cities where these conditions are prevalent.

Finally, Tesla has added several undocumented changes to the FSD Beta 11.3.6 release notes. These changes are not listed in the official notes but are noticeable to users. Some of the changes include:

  • The car's autopilot now uses a more advanced neural network, which improves its accuracy and reliability.
  • The car's cameras now capture more detailed images, which enhances its object recognition capabilities.
  • The car's audio system has been updated to deliver better sound quality.

In conclusion, the FSD Beta 11.3.6 release notes are impressive, and the updates are notable. Tesla has once again demonstrated its commitment to improving the driving experience for its users. I look forward to experiencing these updates firsthand and can't wait to see what Tesla has in store for future releases.

Trivia: Did you know that Tesla's Model S was the first car to receive a perfect score in Consumer Reports' annual satisfaction survey?

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