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Trump VP Pick Honors Elon Musk's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Trump VP Pick Praises Elon Musk: A Throwback to an Older Generation of American Entrepreneur In an era where innovation is often eclipsed by political theatrics, the recent remarks from Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, Donald Trump’s running mate for Vice President, shimmer like a beacon of nostalgia for the golden age of American entrepreneurship. Musk, the maverick behind Tesla and SpaceX, has not only redefined industries but also ignited a movement that resonates with the audacity and spirit reminiscent of the titans of industry from yesteryears. A Nostalgic Acknowledgment Vance’s comments were not mere platitudes; they were a clarion call to recognize the entrepreneurial grit that Musk embodies. He referred to Musk as a “throwback to an older generation of American entrepreneur,” evoking images of innovators like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, whose visions transformed our world. This perspective is particularly poignant as we navigate a world where the landscape is often dominated b

Tesla Drops Price of Model Y's 7-Seat Option to $2,500, Making It More Accessible for Buyers

As TeslaDan, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Tesla has dropped the price of the Model Y's more-spacious seating option. With the added space, the Model Y becomes an even more appealing option for those in need of a larger vehicle. In this article, I'll dive into the details of this price drop and what it means for potential Model Y buyers.

The Details

Here are the specifics of the price drop:

  • The price of the 7-seat option has been reduced from $3,000 to $2,500.
  • This price drop applies to all new Model Y orders, as well as those who have already placed an order and have yet to take delivery.
  • The 7-seat option adds two additional seats to the Model Y, bringing the total seating capacity to seven.
  • The 7-seat option is available on both the Long Range and Performance versions of the Model Y.

What This Means for Buyers

For those in need of a larger vehicle, the 7-seat option for the Model Y is now even more affordable. This makes the Model Y a more competitive option in the SUV market, especially when compared to gas-powered SUVs that have similar seating capacity.

Additionally, those who have already placed an order for a Model Y with the 7-seat option will be happy to hear that they will be receiving the discount as well. This is a great gesture from Tesla to reward those who have already committed to purchasing a Model Y.

My Thoughts

As someone who appreciates a good deal, I think this price drop is a great move by Tesla. It makes the Model Y more accessible to a wider range of buyers, which is always a good thing. Additionally, it's great to see Tesla rewarding those who have already made a commitment to purchasing a Model Y.

Overall, this price drop is a win-win for both Tesla and potential Model Y buyers. I'm excited to see how this affects Model Y sales in the coming months.

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