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2024 Tesla Model Y Sunshade Review: Double Layer Funny Eyes Car Shade for UV Protection

2024 Tesla Model Y Sunshade Review: Double Layer Funny Eyes Car Shade for UV Protection

By TeslaDan, Editor-in-Chief at

Tesla Model Y Sunshade

Are you tired of the scorching heat and harmful UV rays damaging your car's interior? Look no further! Introducing the 2024 Tesla Model Y Sunshade - a double layer funny eyes car shade designed to provide superior UV protection while adding a touch of personality to your vehicle. In this expert product review, we'll explore the benefits of this innovative sunshade and why it's a must-have accessory for every Tesla Model Y owner.

Protect Your Investment with Style

The 2024 Tesla Model Y Sunshade offers more than just protection from harmful UV rays. It also helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside your car, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning. The double layer design effectively blocks out sunlight, preventing it from heating up your vehicle's interior. With its unique funny eyes pattern, this sunshade adds a playful and eye-catching touch to your Tesla Model Y.


  • Double layer design for enhanced UV protection
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Made from high-quality materials for durability
  • Custom fit for Tesla Model Y windows
  • Foldable and portable design for convenience


  1. Superior UV Protection: The double layer construction of the sunshade provides excellent protection against harmful UV rays, preventing fading and cracking of your car's interior.
  2. Temperature Regulation: By blocking out sunlight, the sunshade helps keep your car cool even on hot summer days, reducing the reliance on air conditioning.
  3. Easy Installation: The sunshade can be easily installed and removed without any hassle or damage to your vehicle's windows.
  4. Custom Fit: Designed specifically for Tesla Model Y windows, this sunshade fits perfectly, ensuring maximum coverage and effectiveness.
  5. Portable: The foldable design allows you to conveniently store the sunshade when not in use, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.


"I love the funny eyes design of this sunshade! It adds a fun touch to my Tesla Model Y while protecting it from the sun. Highly recommended!" - John D.

"The 2024 Tesla Model Y Sunshade is a game-changer. It keeps my car cool even in scorching heat, and the custom fit is perfect. A must-have accessory for every Tesla owner!" - Emily S.

Buy Now: Get Your Double Layer Funny Eyes Car Shade


  • Provides superior UV protection
  • Adds a unique and playful touch to your car
  • Helps regulate temperature inside the vehicle
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Custom fit for Tesla Model Y windows


  • Some may find the funny eyes design too whimsical for their taste


The 2024 Tesla Model Y Sunshade is an exceptional accessory that combines style and functionality. With its double layer construction and unique funny eyes pattern, it offers superior UV protection while adding a touch of personality to your Tesla Model Y. Say goodbye to overheated interiors and faded upholstery! Invest in this high-quality sunshade today and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable driving experience.

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