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Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Models 3 & Y

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Models 3 & Y Protect your precious Tesla touchscreen with the ultimate protection! Our carefully curated selection of tempered glass screen protectors for Tesla Models 3 and Y offers unparalleled protection and clarity, preserving your vehicle's sleek aesthetics while safeguarding its most vital component. Table of Contents Why Tempered Glass? Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Installation Tips Benefits Conclusion Why Tempered Glass? Unlike ordinary plastic screen protectors, tempered glass is crafted through a heating and cooling process that significantly enhances its durability and resistance to impact, scratches, and fingerprints. Its exceptional strength ensures that your Tesla's touchscreen remains pristine even in the most demanding driving conditions. Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Tesla Model 3 & Y Tempered Glass Screen Protector Ultra-clear, high-definition protection 9H hardness for un

Tesla's Milestone: Producing 1k Cybertruck's Worth of 4680 Cells at Giga Texas

TeslaDan Review: Tesla's 4680 Cell Production Milestone at Giga Texas

In a groundbreaking achievement for Tesla, the electric vehicle giant successfully produced enough 4680 cells at its Giga Texas facility last week to power a thousand Cybertrucks. This significant milestone marks a monumental step forward in Tesla's quest for vertical integration and battery technology advancement. As an avid follower of Tesla's innovations and developments, I couldn't help but delve into the details of this impressive feat.

Unpacking the Significance

  • Massive Scale: Producing enough 4680 cells to power a thousand Cybertrucks showcases Tesla's ability to scale up its battery production at an unprecedented rate.
  • Efficiency Boost: The 4680 cells, known for their larger size and energy density, are poised to revolutionize the EV industry by offering increased range and performance.
  • Vertical Integration: By manufacturing these cells in-house at Giga Texas, Tesla reduces its reliance on external suppliers, enhancing control over its supply chain and cost structure.

Trivia Time!

Did you know? The 4680 cells are named after their dimensions: 46mm in diameter and 80mm in length, reflecting their larger size compared to traditional cylindrical cells.

As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the electric vehicle sector, the successful production of 4680 cells at Giga Texas represents a pivotal moment in the company's journey towards sustainable energy and transportation. With the promise of improved performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, these cells are poised to underpin Tesla's future vehicle lineup and solidify its position as a leader in the EV market.

Stay tuned as TeslaDan brings you more insights and analysis on Tesla's latest developments and advancements in the realm of sustainable transportation and energy.

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