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KKMOL Tesla Seat Back Hooks: 2024 Model 3 & Model Y Essentials

KKMOL Tesla Seat Back Hooks: 2024 Model 3 & Model Y Essentials Organize your 2024 Tesla Model 3 or Model Y with the innovative KKMOL Tesla Seat Back Hooks. These hooks provide a practical and stylish solution to keep your belongings within reach. Why Choose KKMOL Tesla Seat Back Hooks? Maximize Space: These hooks instantly add extra storage space to your vehicle without cluttering your seats. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, the hooks can handle heavy loads without bending or breaking. Invisible Design: The sleek, black finish blends seamlessly with your Tesla's interior, maintaining a premium aesthetic. Specs Material: Aluminum Alloy Weight Capacity: Up to 22 lbs per hook Installation: Easy installation without any tools Dimensions: 4.33 x 1.77 x 0.98 inches Benefits Keep Belongings Organized: Your car will always be neat and tidy, with everything in its place. Prevent Seat Damage: Eliminate the risk of items rolling or

Best Tesla Model Y & 3 Center Console Organizers for 2024

Best Tesla Model Y & 3 Center Console Organizers for 2024

Tesla's center consoles: a cavernous space that can quickly become a jumbled mess of cords, sunglasses, phones, and random objects. But fear not, fellow Tesla enthusiasts! After extensive research and testing, we've compiled a list of the best center console organizers that will transform your Tesla's interior into a haven of organization.


Benefits of Using a Center Console Organizer

  • Increased organization: Keep all your essentials neatly organized and within easy reach.
  • Reduced clutter: Eliminate the visual mess and distraction caused by a chaotic console.
  • Improved functionality: Dedicated compartments and trays make it easier to find and access items.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: A well-organized console adds a touch of sophistication to your Tesla's interior.

Our Top Picks for Tesla Model Y & 3

1. MyTeslaOrganizer Model Y & 3 Console Organizer

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This organizer is a Tesla owner's dream come true. It features multiple compartments, a removable tray, and a built-in phone holder. Keep your console pristine while keeping all your essentials accessible.

2. Jeda Tesla Model Y & 3 Center Console Organizer

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The Jeda organizer is designed to perfectly complement your Tesla's interior. Its durable construction and sleek design will keep your console looking its best while providing ample storage for your belongings.

3. Basenor Tesla Model Y & 3 Console Organizer

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The Basenor organizer is a versatile solution for your Tesla. Whether you need to store small items like coins and cards or larger items like sunglasses and wallets, this organizer has you covered.

Specs Table

| Feature | MyTeslaOrganizer | Jeda | Basenor | |---|---|---|---| | Compartments | 3 | 2 | 4 | | Removable Tray | Yes | No | No | | Phone Holder | Yes | No | No | | Material | ABS Plastic | ABS Plastic | ABS Plastic | | Warranty | 1 Year | 1 Year | 1 Year |

Pros and Cons


  • Increased organization
  • Reduced clutter
  • Improved functionality
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Some organizers may reduce console space
  • Can be expensive

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Don't let your Tesla's center console become a cluttered nightmare. Upgrade to one of our recommended organizers today and enjoy the benefits of increased organization, reduced clutter, and improved functionality.

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