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Tesla Model Y Sunshade: Ultimate Protection for 2024

Tesla Model Y Sunshade: Protect Your Ride from the Sun As Tesla enthusiasts, we know the importance of protecting our vehicles from the elements. The Tesla Model Y Sunshade is the ultimate solution for shielding your Tesla from the sun's damaging UV rays. Benefits of Using a Sunshade Extend Paint Life: The UV rays can cause your vehicle's paint to fade and deteriorate over time. A sunshade protects the paint, maintaining its vibrancy and showroom-quality appearance. Reduce Heat Buildup: The sunshade reflects the sun's heat, reducing the interior temperature of your Tesla. This means a more comfortable driving experience, even on hot summer days. Protect Interior: The intense heat of the sun can damage your Tesla's interior materials, such as leather and plastics. A sunshade minimizes sun exposure, preventing premature cracking and fading. Specs Material: High-quality, reflective aluminum foil Size: Custom-fit for the Tesla Model Y Installation: Simple and

Best Under-Screen Storage for Tesla Model 3 & Y in 2024

Elevate Your Tesla Experience: Uncover the Best Under-Screen Storage Solution in 2024

Are you longing for a seamless and organized interior in your Tesla Model 3 or Y? Look no further than our remarkable Under-Screen Storage solution! This innovative accessory is meticulously designed to maximize space, enhance functionality, and elevate your driving experience.

Benefits of Under-Screen Storage for Tesla Model 3 & Y

  • Declutter your cabin: Keep essential items within easy reach while maintaining a tidy and spacious environment.
  • Optimize charging: Place your phone in the built-in charging dock for hassle-free wireless charging.
  • Accessibility at your fingertips: Access sunglasses, keys, and frequently used items effortlessly.
  • Preserve your car's aesthetics: Maintain the sleek and modern interior design of your Tesla.


  • Material: High-quality ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: Custom-fit for Tesla Model 3 and Y
  • Installation: Effortless snap-on installation
  • Compatibility: Designed exclusively for Tesla Model 3 and Y (2017-Present)

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Unlock the transformative power of our Under-Screen Storage today! Experience the convenience, organization, and elevated aesthetics it brings to your Tesla Model 3 or Y. Click on the Buy Now link below to secure yours and enjoy a clutter-free and seamless driving experience.

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Additional Features and Benefits

  • Versatile storage options: Multiple compartments accommodate various items like phones, wallets, pens, and more.
  • Premium design: Complements the sleek interior of your Tesla, blending seamlessly with its modern aesthetics.
  • Easy cleaning: Maintain a hygienic cabin with quick and convenient cleaning.

Pros and Cons


  • Maximizes space utilization
  • Enhances accessibility
  • Maintains car's aesthetics
  • Simple installation


  • May reduce legroom slightly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this storage compatible with all Tesla Model 3 and Y models? A: Yes, it is meticulously designed to fit all Tesla Model 3 and Y models manufactured from 2017 to the present.

Q: How easy is it to install? A: Installation is a breeze! Simply snap the storage unit into place under your Tesla's screen.

Q: Can I wirelessly charge my phone in this storage solution? A: Absolutely! It features a built-in wireless charging dock to conveniently charge your phone while driving.

Elevate Your Tesla Ownership Experience

Don't settle for a disorganized and cluttered interior. Invest in our Under-Screen Storage and experience the benefits of enhanced space, functionality, and aesthetics. Click on the Buy Now link below and order yours today!

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